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International Business


International clients are important to us - we can advise you on a full range of legal services when establishing, maintaining or expanding business or investment activities in Australia. International business can be complex, expensive and logistically difficult if not managed with a proper understanding of the legal issues involved. We are also able to advise you on your business ventures internationally.   

We act for foreign-based companies, international organisations and sovereign States as well as many Australian companies operating around the world. Our international clients come from a wide range of industries including agribusiness, food security and food safety, construction, environment and climate change, banking and financial services, insurance, manufacturing and service industries, technology, telecommunications, waste management, mining and resources, alternative and renewable energy, real estate, tourism and construction.

TressCox has a close association with many Chambers of Industry and Commerce and other government and private organisations that can help facilitate your international business. Our relationships and networks can connect you to relevant commercial contacts giving invaluable insights to help achieve your business objectives. They also ensure that we are close to the important issues that may affect your business. Our understanding of the way business works globally and our grasp of commercial realities across cultures and borders means we are able to deliver realistic solutions to complex problems.

Our Services

TressCox understands that the following considerations are critical when setting up a business in Australia:

  • Establishing the simplest and most cost-effective legal structures
  • Tax considerations
  • Minimum capital requirements
  • Ongoing obligations
  • Employment and industrial relations framework
  • Protection and use of intellectual property
  • Availability of government concessions and how to benefit from them
  • Drafting and application of trading terms
  • Immigration, visas, citizenship and residency
  • Licensing and market regulation
  • Fundraising
  • Risk management and compliance

We address these issues for you by:

  • Providing access to lawyers who are fluent in a number of languages, including Japanese, Chinese, French and German, and who have an understanding of the business and legal systems in the Asian and European regions
  • Introducing you to government agencies which provide investment support or incentive programs
  • Offering a full package of services, from legal compliance (eg corporate and tax regulations, visa and work permit requirements, product liability, managing legal and commercial risks) to the introduction to a network of services, even extending to assistance with quarantine for family pets
  • Encouraging and assisting you to take advantage of Australia’s intellectual property protection schemes, and
  • Tapping into the national and international affiliations available to us through our membership of ALFA International (the premier association of law firms in the world currently comprising over 145 independent member firms throughout North America, Latin America, Africa, Asia, Australasia and Europe) and our extensive network of personal and professional contacts who are able to support your activities.
Visas & Immigration

Australian law requires that immigration assistance may only be provided by a person who is registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA). Our Registered Agents are available to help. Our registered migration agents regularly obtain Australian visas for overseas executives and other skilled staff and their families. This includes skilled workers, employer sponsored, 457, employer nomination, and business visas.

Our Registered Agents include Philip Mitchell, Partner (MARN 9472015) and Silke Koernicke, Special Counsel (MARN 0105495).

All Registered Migration Agents are legally bound by a Code of Conduct. A copy of the Code is available via the MARA website.

Notaries Public

The functions of a Notary Public include drawing up and authenticating documents, administering oaths, attesting and witnessing the execution of documents, verifying copies of documents and noting bills of exchange. Whilst most of these functions can be carried out by a Solicitor or Justice of the Peace, these are not necessarily recognised overseas. The majority of overseas countries however will recognise the authority of a Notary Public.

You may find you frequently require the notarisation of documents for use in international business dealings. TressCox has four Notaries Public who can provide notarial skills as part of the overall service we offer you.



TressCox律师事务所成立于1897年。我们是一家大型合伙制律师事务所,在澳大利亚各大城市包括悉尼、墨尔本、布里斯班以及首都堪培拉都设有办公室。我们加入了ALFA International 国际律师集团,这让我们能够通过与分布在全球的145家律师事务所保持紧密的联系为您提供协助。

About Us

TressCox is a partnership of lawyers that was established in 1897. We have offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra. We are part of a global legal network called ALFA International, which allows us to connect you with 145 law firms worldwide.



  • 移民法
  • 公司,商务,合并与收购
  • 银行与融资
  • 金融,投资及证券法
  • 商业风险与保险
  • 国际贸易与商业事务
  • 财产,不动产买卖
  • 物业租凭(包括商业房,工厂房)
  • 税务法
  • 商业诉讼与纠纷调解
  • 资产重组与破产
  • 竞争,反垄断与消费者权益
  • 劳工法,职业安全及健康
  • 科技领域
  • 通讯与传媒法
  • 知识财产权与版权纠纷
  • 医疗与老人法
  • 遗产规划与纠纷
  • 财富规划
  • 行政法
  • 政府竞标及采购规则与法规
  • 建筑法
  • 基础设施
  • 能源与资源法
  • 水资源

We can advise you in many areas of expertise including:

  • Administrative Law
  • Banking & Finance
  • Building & Construction
  • Competition & Consumer Law
  • Corporate, Commercial, M&A
  • Employment, Industrial Relations & Workplace Safety
  • Energy & Resources
  • Estate Planning, Trusts & Estate Litigation
  • Entertainment, Communications & Media
  • Financial Services - Markets, Transactional & Regulatory
  • Government, Probity & Procurement
  • Health & Aged Care
  • Immigration law
  • Infrastructure
  • Intellectual Property
  • Insurance & Corporate Risk
  • International Business
  • Insolvency
  • Leasing (including commercial and warehouse properties)
  • Litigation and Dispute Resolution
  • Property
  • Tax & Revenue
  • Technology
  • Wealth Planning
  • Water




Our Clients

Our clients include listed companies, proprietary limited companies, insurance companies, government departments, media companies, developer and construction companies and individuals.




英语服务,请联系合伙人 Philip Mitchell 

国语或粤语服务,请联系资深高级律师 Sandy Lai 黎婉君律师
请致电 +61 3 9602 9788

国语或粤语服务,请联系 Nellie Tsang 曾小姐
请致电 +61 2 9228 9331

国语服务,请联系 Henry Yuan 袁先生
请致电 +61 2 9228 9381


Our Contact Details

We have Chinese speaking lawyers who can assist you.

In English, please contact our Partner: Philip Mitchell.

For Mandarin or Cantonese, please contact our Special Counsel: Sandy Lai
P. +61 3 9602 9788

For Mandarin or Cantonese, please contact: Nellie Tsang
P. +61 2 9228 9331

For Mandarin, please contact: Henry Yuan
P. +61 2 9228 9381

European Union


TressCox vertritt eine Vielzahl von europäischen Unternehmen in Fragen der Geschäfts- und Unternehmensführung sowie bezüglich Investment in Australien. Herr Philip Mitchell, Leiter unseres Teams für internationales Business-, Unternehmens- und Finanzrecht hat über 30 Jahre Erfahrung, und Frau Silke Koernicke hat über 20 Jahre Erfahrung bei der Betreuung europäischer Unternehmen in Australien und australischer Unternehmen in Europa. Frau Koernicke spricht deutsch als Muttersprache.

TressCox unterhält enge Kontakte zu vielen europäischen Industrie- und Handelskammern in Australien, wie beispielsweise zur Deutsch- Australischen Industrie- und Handelskammer (AHK), der österreichischen Aussenhandelsstelle, der Schweizer Handelskammer sowie zu Handels- und Investmentvertretern vieler anderer europäischer Länder.

Unsere Beziehungen in dieser Hinsicht bieten unseren Klienten Zugang zu den wichtigsten geschäftsbezogenen Kontaken in Australien und stellen sicher, dass wir direkt auf die Fragen und Bedürfnisse unserer internationalen Klienten eingehen können. Unser Verständnis für Geschäfts- und Unternehmensführung ist global, und unsere Erfahrung bezüglich Unternehmensführung in unterschiedlichen Kulturkreisen und grenzüberschreitenden Geschäftsbeziehungen gibt uns die Fähigkeit, realistische Lösungen komplexer Probleme zu bieten.


TressCox représente les intérêts de nombreuses sociétés européennes dans le cadre de leurs activités commerciales ou de leurs investissements en Australie. Philip Mitchell, le responsable de notre Groupe Business International, a plus de 30 ans d’expérience en tant que Lawyer australien intervenant pour des clients européens ayant des activités commerciales en Australie, et pour des clients australiens opérant en Europe. Silke Koernicke, dont la langue maternelle est l’Allemand, dispose également de plus de 20 ans d’expérience dans ce domaine;

TressCox entretient d’étroites relations avec de nombreuses chambres de commerce, telles que notamment la Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie Franco - Australienne, la Chambre de Commerce Australo - Suisse, la Chambre de Commerce Germano - Australienne, la Chambre de Commerce Finlande - Australie, ainsi qu’avec de nombreuses autres organismes similaires associant d’autres pays d’Europe, Ces relations nous permettent bien évidemment d’offrir à nos clients l’accès à des relations et des réseaux commerciaux pertinents pour leur business. Mais cela nous permet également de conserver un intérêt étroit et informé pour les questions qui sont importantes pour nos clients. C’est ainsi que notre approche business, associée à notre capacité à appréhender les réalités commerciales entre les différentes cultures d’un pays à l’autre, nous permettent de fournir à nos clients des solutions réalistes à des problèmes souvent complexes.


With our experience of representing a number of European corporations with business and investment interests in Australia we can advise you on a full range of legal services when establishing, maintaining or expanding business or investment activities in Australia. Dedicated to helping you with your legal needs our International Business team is led by Philip Mitchell, who has more than 30 years of experience as an Australian lawyer acting for European clients doing business in Australia and Australian clients doing business in Europe along with. Silke Koernicke, a native speaker of German, who has over 20 years of experience in this field.

Our relationships and networks can connect you to relevant commercial contacts giving you invaluable insights to help you achieve your business objectives. These include a close association with many Chambers of Commerce such as the Finland Australia Chamber of Commerce, the German Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce the Swiss Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the French-Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce, as well as with trade and investment representatives of many other European countries. They also ensure that we are close to the important issues that may affect your business. Our understanding of the way business works globally and our grasp of commercial realities across cultures as well as across borders means we are able to deliver realistic solutions to complex problems.




Japanese Business and Investment

We are a commercial law firm established in 1897 and have offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra. For over 20 years we have supported Australian clients doing business in Japan and Japanese clients doing business in Australia. Our lawyers are fluent in Japanese, German and French, among other languages, and regularly provide legal advice to clients from Japan, Europe and North America. Philip Mitchell, the head of our International Business team, speaks fluent Japanese, is familiar with the legal issues, business and culture of Japan and has more than 30 years of experience acting for Japanese companies.



Japanese Legal Service

We understand that when you locate your business in the Australian market, legal issues arise at every stage of operation, from initial setup, hiring of employees, the impact of taxes and immigration to managing intellectual property and product distribution. We can provide you with a full range of legal services that cover these and other areas such as legal risk management and conflict resolution. Our Japanese-speaking lawyers are capable of providing you cost-efficient and practical legal advice tailored to the business needs of Japanese companies.


当事務所は、世界中の法律事務所によって構成されるALFA Internationalというネットワークに加盟しており、60ヶ国の主要都市にある一流外国法律事務所と良好な協力関係を築いています。このネットワークを最大限に活用することで日系クライアントのニーズを効率的かつ質の高いサポートで満たすことができます。


Global Network

TressCox maintains strong international affiliations with top law firms through our membership of the global legal network - ALFA International - allowing us to provide you legal services in 60 countries around the world. These relationships give you access to relevant legal support, commercial contacts and networks globally.

For further information in English or Japanese please contact Philip Mitchell.

Middle East & North Africa (MENA)

Are you an Australian company wanting to break into the Middle East and African markets, or seeking to further develop your existing presence in those markets? We can advise you on a full range of legal services including transactional work, corporate strategic planning and direction, and international arbitration and dispute resolution.

We can help you connect with the highest levels of Government and industry throughout the Middle East. We have many business and personal relationships with Government and industry leaders through our wealth of experience acting for Middle East companies as well as Middle East Sovereign States both in their home nations and in terms of their international investments.

We can also advise you on agribusiness, food safety and food security, investment, export and import, energy and resources including renewable resources, and corporate and commercial issues.


To provide legal services around the globe, TressCox maintains strong national and international affiliations with other law firms through our membership of the Global Legal Network - ALFA International. Founded in the USA in 1980, ALFA is the premier association of law firms in the world and is currently comprised of over 145 independent member firms throughout North America, Latin America, Asia, Australasia and Europe. These relationships give our clients access to relevant commercial contacts and networks throughout the USA.

We also represent clients from the USA with business or investment interests in a wide range of industries in Australia.

For more information on ALFA International in Australasia, please visit

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