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Wealth, Tax & Estate Planning

Wealth, Tax & Estate Planning


With an ageing population and the nuclear family no longer the status quo, wealth, tax and estate planning (culminating in a professionally prepared Will and ancillary documents) must balance your needs during your lifetime and those of your beneficiaries after death. During your lifetime, you must ensure that you benefit from your assets, protect those assets and minimise tax. Following death, you must facilitate the transfer of your wealth in a tax effective manner, continue to protect the assets and minimise delay and expenses in estate administration by trying to avoid the trauma and cost of litigation at an emotional time following the death of a loved one.

Our TressCox Wealth, Tax & Estate Planning team advises on trusts, wealth, superannuation, tax, estate planning and estate litigation. With over 200 years of combined professional expertise, our team of lawyers includes Law Society Accredited Specialists in Wills and Estates, senior partners, consultants, solicitors and paralegals. We can help you and your advisors by bringing together the firm’s expertise established over many decades to develop and retain your personal, investment and business assets. We provide personalised solutions to suit your position, objectives and preferences and work with other professional advisors in each situation to ensure that a total solution is provided.

Our experience includes acting for three major banks that assist their customers with estate planning, legal firms who do not specialise in this area, accountants, financial planners, high net worth individuals and family groups, small and medium sized enterprises and private individuals. We also act in matters for and against the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and against other revenue authorities. We can assist you in wealth creation programs through the preparation of a comprehensive estate and business succession plan, applying our thorough understanding of the law in relation to Wills, trusts, businesses, powers of attorney, guardianship, tax and superannuation.

We focus on ensuring that an estate and business succession plan takes into account all assets, including those held personally, jointly, in a trust, company or superannuation fund, either locally or overseas. We understand the inter-relationship between these various forms of ownership and coordinate all the necessary documentation. Ultimately, we aim to see the successful transfer of your assets to the next generation in a manner that is tax effective, protective of family assets and ensures that wasteful and traumatic estate litigation is avoided.

If litigation is necessary, we are able to assist you with the service of specialists, innovative strategies, experienced mediators, regular contact with specialist barristers and tough negotiators.

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