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Building & Construction News Alert: Building Queensland - Infrastructure - Expert advice to State

News Alert 26 May 2015

On 19 May 2015, a Building Queensland Bill (the Bill) was introduced to the Queensland Parliament. It is currently referred to the Infrastructure Planning and Natural Resources Committee of Parliament for review, with a report due back to the house by 1 September this year. The Bill essentially proposes to set up and establish Building Queensland as a Government Body Corporate which will principally have the duty to advise Government concerning infrastructure by providing independent and expert advice on:

  • Current and future needs and priorities.
  • Pricing policy and regulatory issues impacting on infrastructure.
  • Identifying impediments to the efficient use of infrastructure.
  • Identifying reforms for more efficiencies in infrastructure.
  • Identifying emerging national and international trends in policies about infrastructure.
  • The needs of users of infrastructure.
  • Trends in delivery of infrastructure which are national and international.
  • The delivery of infrastructure projects

(Section 10 of the Bill)

In addition, depending upon the size of any infrastructure project, Building Queensland will either have a requirement to assist the preparation of the business case (Capital Cost more than $50 million but less than $100 million) or lead the preparation of the business case (Capital Cost $100 million or more). The Minister can direct assistance or the lead in preparation of business cases outside these parameters.

Every six months the Minister is to be provided with an infrastructure pipeline document that lists proposals and projects considered to be a priority, detailing the stage of development and an estimate of costs to deliver the proposal.

Generally Building Queensland will be given a role in publicising information relevant to its functions and promoting public awareness of its functions.

Despite Building Queensland being said to be independent pursuant to section 19, the Minister can make a direction for Building Queensland not to exercise some of its functions in relation to a particular infrastructure proposal.

Crucial to any success for Building Queensland will be who is to lead that organisation.

Tony Mylne, Partner

News Alert 26 May 2015
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