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Aged Care Workforce Inquiry

Newsletter 17 February 2016

The Federal Parliament’s Senate Community Affairs References Committee is currently inquiring into the future of Australia’s aged care sector workforce.

The matters to which the Committee is having regard include:

  1. the current composition of the aged care workforce;
  2. future aged care workforce requirements;
  3. the interaction of aged care workforce needs with employment by the broader community services sector, including workforce needs in disability, health and other areas, and increased employment as the National Disability Insurance Scheme rolls out;
  4. challenges in attracting and retaining aged care workers;
  5. factors impacting aged care workers, including remuneration, working environment, staffing ratios;
  6. the role and regulation of registered training organisations;
  7. government policies at the state, territory and Commonwealth level which have a significant impact on the aged care workforce;
  8. relevant parallels or strategies in an international context;
  9. the role of government in providing a coordinated strategic approach for the sector;
  10. challenges of creating a culturally competent and inclusive aged care workforce to cater for the different care needs all people;
  11. the particular aged care workforce challenges in regional towns and remote communities;
  12. impact of the Government’s cuts to the Aged Care Workforce Fund; and
  13. any other related matters.

Submissions should be received by 4 March 2016. The reporting date is 30 June 2016. For further information visit the Australian Parliament’s website.

Cindy Tucker, Partner

Newsletter 17 February 2016
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