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There is always something happening at TressCox. We are at the cutting edge of legal practice and innovation, with high-profile cases, regular events and a range of published newsletters, casenotes and other legal publications that address issues across a range of interest areas.


Below are the five most recent items of topical interest. For a more comprehensive list of news, events and resources, please search our archive.
  • TressCox Insurance Seminar Series - Part IV: Insurance and Employment Law

    We are pleased to welcome you to the fourth seminar of the 2014 TressCox Insurance Seminar Series.

    Our aim is to provide practical and thought provoking discussion about current topics which are commercially important to participants and stakeholders in the insurance industry. We will also be providing insight into legal issues that may affect the business of insurance within Australia going forward.

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  • Protecting your lifestyle from bankruptcy

    At the start of each financial year the legal and financial press contains pictures with smiling faces and stories about recent appointments to the partnership of law firms (or as directors of incorporated legal practices) at the big end of town.  This is a significant milestone in a legal career and, like any significant milestone in life, should be acknowledged and celebrated.

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